Since 1982, AIR an acronym for “arredo-bagno, idrosanitaria e riscaldamento” (bathroom fixtures, plumbing and heating), has been focused on the immediate distribution of high-quality materials in the New Energies sector.
With the evolution of the market and technological advancements, the company expanded in 2012, becoming a solid network of companies working throughout the national territory: this was the founding of the AIR ENERGIE GROUP.


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Var Energie Varese New Point of Sales Opening
Var Energie Varese New Point of Sales Opening
2022: AIR ENERGIE compie dieci anni
2022: AIR ENERGIE compie dieci anni


AIR ENERGIE GROUP selects the finest brand products available on the market and offers its skill set for designing systems in the following sectors: Plumbing, Toilets and bidets, Heating, Air conditioning, Fire prevention and Bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Fixtures
Functionality and design united. Explore the most modern products for furnishing your bathroom.

Shower stalls
Relax and enjoy the benefits of a shower. Explore the best of our shower stall solutions.

Pick the perfect blend between plumbing technology and design. Explore the line of faucets.

Toilets and bidets
Infinite combinations of colors and shapes. Explore the wide range made up of the finest products on the market.

Equipment for disabilities
Take care of those who need special care. Explore the wide range of certified equipment for disabled persons.

Air conditioning
Respect your health and the environment where you live. Explore the cool comfort offered by our air conditioning systems.

Don’t compromise on a warm embrace. Explore the advantages offered by our excellent heating systems.

For hobbies or private use? Explore our selection of tools for both usage categories.

Eliminate bacteria and water leaks. Explore maintenance and innovation in our plumbing products.

New Energies
Self-produce electricity without worrying about costs. Explore new energy systems.


An attentive partner
for your needs

The customer is always the central focus

The values of the AIR ENERGIE GROUP are very simple and clear: provide the best service to the customer, modernizing corporate processes to provide immediate responses and guarantee the maximum quality standard.

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